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There is a current vogue for people to chose creative names for their new baby. People want to chose a unique and interesting name for their child. If this continues, it may not be long before the names that were once commonplace become rare treasures.

In some European countries (e.g. Scandinavian countries) there are restrictions on the names parents can give children. For most of us, if you want to go for an unusual name, there are usually not many restrictions. As long as it fits in the box on the registration document and is not obscene any name will stand, no matter how eccentric. Why don't you go for it! (we recommend you read the Guide to Choosing a baby name first).

Celebrities have really lead the way in using unusual names for their kids. The downfall is that once a celebrity names his or her child with that name, it possibly will become more popular. (see also celebrity baby names).

Here are a few to get you started:

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