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Breech Explained

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What is It?

Breech presentation describes a baby lying with their head up and legs down towards their mother's pelvis.

What is the problem?

Many babies are delivered naturally in the breech position with no problems. However, there is a higher risk of encountering problems during the birthing process. Babies in the breech position, particularly for the first pregnancy, are commonly delivered by caesarian section, which has it's own potential complications and longer recovery period.

What to do about it

For most mothers with a baby in the breech position, the baby will turn on its own before labor. Only about 3-4% will remain in the breech position until they are born. The closer to term date the less likely that it will turn by itself. If the baby does not turn, an option is to try and have the baby turned manually, using a procedure called 'external cephalic version' or ECV.